New coach or not

We can replace coaches, but unless we get incredibly lucky with either a “lightning in a bottle” type hire or a coach who cheats well enough not to get caught, we are not going to be an elite SEC program. We’re just not. We don’t have the resources of LSU, Alabama, UGA, UF, TAMU, or even Auburn. We might have an occasional really good year, but we are competing with UK, Ole Miss, MSU, MU, Vandy, & USC to be middle of the pack or maybe to get into the top 4 every now & then, but that’s about it. People like to blame coaches–I’ve seen it with every coach who has ever been here (except for BP who left at his height & didn’t have a chance to do worse). Nutt had to go. Ford, Crowe, even Hatfield, Holtz & Broyles had some fans screaming for a replacement. The SWC wasn’t as bad as some like to claim, but it wasn’t the SEC. I hate saying it, but it just hits me in the face. Over the long haul we’re about a .500 SEC team over the long run. (And Saban isn’t coming here.)

Bielema would not be a.500 coach in the SEC if he stayed 50 years. He is on par with Crowe and Otis Douglas.

His performance as Razorback head coach has been embarassing.

10-24… and counting.

We can do much better than Bret.

He was beyond fortunate at Wisconsin, and its crystal clear it wasn’t because of him.

He’s in over his head, and even though last week he had the insecurity to remind us “I know I’m a good coach and know what I’m doing” he instead does not know what he is doing and is a less than average coach.

You ignore the mess he inherited. Yesh, I know that’s not this year, but I still don’t blame him for years 1 & 2. Now the problem is that faliure can be self-fulfilling. Fans will put him on the hot seat & that kills recruiting. Which kills any chance at recovery. I know you’re thrilled to be all over him, scream for his job, & replace him. All I’m saying is you won’t be a bit more satisfied with the next guy. After year 5, he might have a better record than CBB does–given the first 0=8 record & prospects of little better this year, he probably will. But don’t expect to be happy with the next guy. It’s not happening

And we could do much better than Ford & Nutt, too. No, we really can’t. CBB’s resume was as good or better as any coach we could reasonably expect to hire. If we do better than him, it’ll be pure luck. Even then I’m not sure we’ll perform much better on the field. We’re Arkansas, not LSU, UGA, or Alabama.

Mess he inherited you say… the roster now is worse than what he inherited.

As for it not happening you are naive … he’s done

Today made it clear, CBB is not going to bring the Hogs a SEC championship. He gave it his best, but his plan is not working.

Jeff Long doesn’t need to make the next hire, plain and simple. I’m not sure who all has a say, but everyone needs to re-evaluate how we look at a coach, because we see you can have a great record and get a bum.

He’s doing a damn good job of leaving this place in worse shape than it was when he got it.

Everyone knows we aren’t LSU, Bama, etc, but by god we should be better and expect more than this. This is pathetic.

Bret is in over his head like Quack said, no arguing t, he might as well come out and say it.

I thought we were better those years…more physical, better line play, more disciplined and seemed to be better coached at least in some areas.

Don’t forget who some of the key players in year 1 and 2 were.

They were that horrible recruiting bobby Petrino players. A lot of the reason those teams showed any light. A full team full of Brets team, apparently the best recruiter we’ve had, and we absolutely suck. If he’s the best recruiter it just shows how much worse of a coach and developer he is.

At least a coaching change would bring what we have none of now… hope. This team is literally good at nothing from defense, offense, or ST in year five. Fear of change should never be an excuse with the money generated and spent at Arkansas for football. We certainly know what we have now on the coaching level and it doesn’t have one once of shine left. We are not even a competitive member of the SEC at this point and it’s about to get real ugly before this season is over.

Hog fan all of my 65 years so if the program can lose me, it can lose anyone. I had become apathetic about the football program before today. Now, I’m just waiting for it to be over (well, really it already is except for the pain of watching bad football). Sad we are at this point.

I think Bielema is doing a bad job but the roster is not worse than what he inherited. There’s some talent. Young talent. Someone else will get to coach them.

But, go back and look at Bielema’s first roster. It was bad.

So if he has a more talented roster what’s his excuse? The SEC is as weak as I’ve ever seen it, so why innyear 5 are we back at year 1.

We are realistically looking at a 4-5 win season.

Pretty piss poor if you ask me

I agree. I’m not saying he has an excuse. He has been bad. My only point is that the assertion the roster is worse than when he got here is false.