New Clubs

Clay got his & I got mine this week. Ping G-730’s that are “forgiving “ & not the blades. I hit 4 different brands & these were the best for me. I just am not as consistent in hitting smaller sweet spot anymore AND I lengthened my irons & hybrids an inch—AMAZING!! Who knew I was reaching/dipping & losing distance bc impact was on shallow/bottom grooves oh clubs?
Anyway, my first trip out I come into 18 at Squire 7 over after missing 10 foot putts on 16&17, but I yanked my tee shot into a terrible bunker lie. Should’ve laid up and played for par, but I played the hero path and carded a double after all said & done.
I haven’t broken 80 on my home course in probably 5-6 years mainly due to poor iron play. Now I know I can do it again. Just need some practice, which is problematic here now bc heat index getting up there.
Hope is a great friend to have again in golf!!

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I have been playing Ping G 30s for five years now and am ready for an upgrade. I want to stick with Ping family and the G 730s are some I am strongly considering.

Get fitted properly. It makes a difference. I hit Pings, Calloway and Titleist plus had hit Taylor Made last year. Pings 730’s were the best for me based on track man and my feedback on ball flights and feel.

There are lots of great new clubs. I am a big fan of the Mizuno family. I tried four different heads with several shafts. The 2 degree up was a breakthrough. And I like the Nippon shaft.

I came close to getting the PXG irons. They are great, too.

I missed the TaylorMade demo. I know they are great, too.

My advice is to work hard with shaft fitting. And it can be different for a 3-wood and a driver. I ended up with a $200 upgrade on the shaft in the 3-wood over the driver. I would have got that shaft for the driver, too. But it did not work as well as one that I could pick without an upgrade.

That PXG 3-wood with the upgrade shaft was EXPENSIVE but I bomb it.

The PXG driver is 12 degree loft and the weight is all set in the back of sole. It made a difference. It’s a big deal for me.

Here are irons and shafts. I encourage anyone getting new irons to work hard on fitting and try different shafts, especially if you really love golf.

I did not play today. I did practice. Hit 3 buckets of balls. Was great fun. I love them all. I have not had a brand new set since I was 19.

I’ve had only three sets of clubs during that 48 years. I bought a set of Titleist irons at 19. Bought a used set of Magregor Tourney blades at 21.

Was given a used set of Ping Eye-2 about 35 years ago. My wife bought me a refurbished set of Eye-2s for Christmas in some real secretive doings about 1998. I’ve played those since then.

Over the last 12 months I’ve upgraded everything in my bag, including retiring a really old (and valuable) PING Anser in favor of a Scotty Cameron that is a souped-up copy of that Anser.

I also have a Mizuno hybrid 19 degree that is only 6 months old.

I am enjoying all this cool stuff. Maybe I’ll even go out on the course soon.

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Spot on Clay about shafts. Very important and I should’ve mentioned it.

When I saw the cart guys(LA Tech golfers earning some summer money) loading up my clubs after that round, they noticed the black matte finish of my new clubs and want to see them in action tomorrow after church. I told them about my score and crapping myself on 18, but I’m back getting a good ball carrying in the air some again. As one of them stated, sub-80 is a good round at Squire Creek for anyone that isn’t a single digit handicap, so I’m happy given how little I get to practice.

Craftsmanship and strict demands for excellence in design and manufacture strangely seems to demand a premium in price. In most things in life we get what we pay for.

A new set of clubs may seem expensive, but amortize the cost over 5 to 10 years and it’s really not very much. I have a driver (Calloway Epic) that I paid $400 for. I will hit that for at least five years. That’s 80 bucks a year. I can live with that. We spend that on an anniversary dinner at Mike’s Place.

PXG clubs are Very expensive! I couldn’t believe it when I checked on them.

Yes. Expensive is correct. I only bought two PXG clubs but it was close to what the Mizuno irons cost (4 through 9 plus two wedges). The Generation X metal woods from PXG are great.

I had already ordered the Mizuno irons. That’s a good thing because I liked the PXG irons.

I hit everything again today. Had a good 90 minute range session with my Bushnell range finder. Gotta re-learn distances.

I gotta spend some time with short game to dial in chipping and shorter wedge shots.

Maybe I’ll take it all to the course this week.

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All new clubs for me. Taylor made sim 2 max, 10 1/2 loft. Have hit ping woods for 10 years but this club is amazing
3 wood. Taylormade 16 1/2 loft
7 wood. Callaway epic
4 and 5 titleist tsi2. Best hybrid ever for me
6-a wedge. Callaway apex. 3 rd set ive had. 1 degree upright
Wedges titleist vokey. 54 bent to 55
60 and 62 bent to 64. All 1 degree flat
Scotty putter

When my wife passed away in January I decided to do something for me. So far all work for me

Was fit for all but putter

Mighty expensive clubs. It seems PXG and Ping are made in Arizona while Mizuno clubs are hand made in Japan and they are seriously picky about the materials they select. Considering my fondness for Lexus cars, this does not surprise me.

I no longer play (back & leg issues), but I broke 80 every time I played. Usually by the 15th hole. :rofl:

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This is another reason I love this board so much. I love hearing about my first passion all things Razorback but golf being my second this conversation is really interesting to me. I hope it continues. I absolutely love golf!

Forgot, my irons are 2 degrees upright.

I’m thinking about getting fitted for a set of Sim2 Max irons if and when I pull the trigger on new clubs. Need to spend about as much on lessons as I do on clubs though, or it ain’t gonna help.

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The lessons more important than the clubs. Of course, you gotta commit to practicing and re-enforcing the instruction.

I have heard the pros ask during the lesson how much practice the student plans to committing and if it’s not a bunch, then the lesson does not really matter.

There are no instant fix clubs although it is amazing what a fitter can do with someone who is a little off. They can dial it in.

Yep. But my irons are older than my son is. I bought them when you and I were working for the same company at 315 S. Boulder.

That’s funny Swine! I believe you though.