New CFP rankings

Arkansas is No. 21 and Alabama is No. 2 in this week’s CFP rankings.

How are we behind NC. State???

I’m just proud the hogs are ranked!
The losses to Ole Miss and Auburn hurt.
Flip 1 of those to win side of the record and the hogs would be around the 11 to 14 part of the ranking. If there’s a lunar eclipse this weekend and the hogs beat Bama they move up. If the game goes to Bama there’s no telling how far we drop.

I agree. With 4 losses, I’m not sure where Arkansas will land in the CFP rankings. It will sure seem odd to see A&M and MSState ahead of us after this weekend in the CFP rankings if that were to happen.

With that head to head thought process just look at Michigan and Michigan State
No matter what happens with the rankings our hogs are incredible better now than rhwy have been in years!

My guess is NCS spaced their losses out instead of losing 3 in a row which gave us a big hole to climb out of. They lost Week 2 at Moo U, Week 7 at Miami and Week 10 at Wake Forest, which is ranked.

We should be ranked ahead of them definitely. Not that it really matters after we get smoked by Bama Saturday. NCS losses are worse than ours, by far.

See ur point.

True, but these 2 teams should be flipped no questions asked no matter if it’s one slot. Still would be our highest ranking in the CFP.

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If we play reasonably well against Alabama, don’t get run out of the building, I’m not sure we fall out of the rankings next week. If so, we’d need to beat MU to get back in. With the schedule we’ve played, the wins we’ve had, & the losses we’ve had (to no team not currently in the top 25), it’d be hard to keep an 8-4 Razorback team out.


It will be fun to see how high the Hogs will shoot up with a win at Alabama on national TV! That will upset a whole lot of folks!!!
UA…Campus of Champions

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