New CB coach

is in town, according to a source. Young coach at 29 years old. Told he made a strong impression on one of the players.

First on-the-field job for him. Don’t know what his strength is (recruiting, comm. with players, etc) but he’s young so should be full of energy.

Isn’t this the identical situation with Mark Smith? Don’t know about Mark’s on field coaching, but he seemed really good in recruiting. Didn’t Mark also coach CBs?

Yes and yes

Nice write-up on him while at TCU:

I was always impressed (and disappointed) that MU always had two DBs deeper than our deepest receiver. Sure hope he can instill that here.

He’s on Twitter acting like he’s on a D2 or JUCO staff begging players to contact him if they haven’t signed. And his grammar leaves a lot to be desired… who knows, maybe it’ll workout.

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What you just did is worse.

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He’s been on campus 24 hours and you’re already trashing him.

Swine, he must have escaped from his sandbox.

Or typing with sandy fingers

I don’t think he is expected to be a English professor. He is teaching cornerbacks.

Can he evaluate talent? Recruit & get kids on campus? Get recruits signed? Coach a secondary that doesn’t get burned 7-10 a game?

If he just saw some tape of our CB play last year (far worse than our safety play) I would not be surprised that he is looking for interested bodies and not articulating in the King’s English. I saw our CB play and it caused me to break from traditional language patterns…usually about 3 out of 4 plays.

No doubt. Better ball skills and tackling would be a great place to start, my friend.

He’s 29, chances are recruits are going to like the fact that he is going to be extremely relatable to them. He’s young, he’s proven he can play, just has to prove he can coach and recruit.

I want him to be himself. I don’t need him to put lipstick on and correct his grammar, he’s a coach not an English teacher.

I have a feeling he will do just fine recruiting. People are much more comfortable with people they can easily associate similarities with. It’s a lot easier for an 18 year old to talk to a 29 year old than a 55 year old, in most cases.

Give him a chance, I am.

Me too and all the coaches Working to fix this mess

Sorry for the negativity… I’m all in for Pittman and just need to trust him and see what happens. I’m just weary from last 3 years and some of the childish acts of our previous staff… it’s not fair to lump a nw coach into that based off of Twitter. Got called out and receive the correction.



I think it should be proper and OK for Board Members to be allowed to be objective. Objective questions and comments shouldn’t be treated as treasonous actions or anti-Razorbacks. We all want what is BEST for OUR Razorbacks.

The new CB hire does deserve some probing questions due to his youth and apparent inexperience. He’s to be a SEC CB coach. How does he compare to the other SEC CB coaches? What is his experience in teaching/coaching CBs? What is his experience in recruiting? What is the quality of his coaching and recruiting? Can he properly articulate both verbal and written based upon his twitter/ social media? Was his hire an indirect result of limited assistant coaching salary?

Asking these questions should be understandable and Board Members should not be attacked or considered Debbie Downers. These are all reasonable questions.

These questions and concerns should be for any new coach. For example, there were a lot of concerns expressed about the former DC when he was hired. And in retrospect, most of those concerns became valid. Not to mention a special Board Member who was an outspoken critic of CCM and was often flamed on this Board. I guess he is now enjoying “the last laugh.”


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Agree guynhawaii…but that “poster” you referred to was mostly flamed for his approach. His post were stated as fact not opinion.

Just because he was right about CCM does not excuse his approach. At least IMHO