New Board layout

This, I think, is my third up grade of the HI site…Got to say that this one has without a doubt got to be the worse one yet…Surely you guys don’t think that this layout is an improvement.

Take some time, it will grow on you. And besides, would you really prefer a site that keeps going down because it is so unstable?

Well, I have been on Clay’s sites since the very first one and have lived through a lot of the Quote “Up Grades” . I am sure that I will make it through this one too. But,I visit several sites and this one is the one that is always changing, and I don’t generally see that it is for the best. Just my opinion.

there is so little here that it has to be more stable, I agree it is hard to want to visit. Layout is ugly.

My first impressions: Since virtually all posts are unread on this new site, why when I hit " unread" on this site does it tell me there are no unread messages?

When looking at the “new” threads, you cannot tell who originated the thread. That’s important and needs to change. Further, you cannot readily tell what new posts are to any particular thread.

Further, icons at the bottom indicating who’s on line is pure stupib. Need those monikers, in a clearly shown layout.

Are there any plans to address these items?

  • Most all of the posts on these forums are from the old boards, so you have read them. When you have unread posts, they will be those in an existing thread that you have already read. Clicking on the unread post will be like going to the first unread post in a thread.
  • The New option will show you threads that you have not yet read. You should be taken to the start of the thread.
  • Both New and Unread will have a number after them to show you how many of each are available to you. So New(3) means there are three new threads that you haven’t read. Click on New to see the list.

It will take awhile to figure everything out, but we will get used to it.

I couldn’t get on with Internet Explorer, but Firefox works? I can live with it.