New baseball podcast

Bubba Carpenter and I recorded a podcast this afternoon following the game against Florida.

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Great job as always. Interesting that Bubba said not having DVH in the dugout affected us “huge” v Bama. Dvh was in the dugout the two previous games v Bama and we went 0-2.

I’m surprised Bubba mentioned that he thought Texas wasn’t a good hitting team. They have a team batting edge of 320 which is better than Tennessee and have 113 home runs and probably have the best hitter in the nation in Melendez who’s hitting 411 with 28 home runs and 85 RBIs. I would probably want to stay away from them. Oklahoma State can hit too but they’re not that good. Neither one would be easy for us with the way we’ve been throwing the ball but who knows maybe we can find something over this week and go in there and make a statement… Appreciate all these podcasts Matt y’all doing awesome job

Amazing to me how he just assumed we would win game one of the regional and play the 1 seed the following day. We got some serious work to do. DVH is a great coach and I’m hoping now that the team looks and plays like Ned in the first reader, the pressure is off and they look and play like they didn’t just leave a wake

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