New article on NCAA investigations … ps-scandal

I agree and have already said essentially what Brey and Cartwright are saying… it is going to take some University Presidents and Athletic Directors bringing down the hammer (and I will add perhaps the NCAA banning some “Hall of Fame” Coaches) to get this under control.

Back to Will Wade in the other (Reality) thread… I think LSU should have fired him just for the way he talked about a prospective “student” and his mother on the FBI recording. They did not need any proof of actual payments or “strong — offers”. The tone and attitude he displayed in the recording was conduct unbecoming of an employee whose job is to teach and lead student/athletes and represent the UNIVERSITY.

It is obvious LSU could care less about ethical conduct or integrity. Will Wade is a grease ball just like many others whom should be fired. The NCAA won’t do anything at all!

Great article Wreck. Thanks. But does anybody really believe that the NCAA would have investigations on thier own? Without the FBI stumbling into this paying players game, nobody would be looking into it. Especially the NCAA. They were dragged kicking and screaming into investigating. There is way too much money at stake for the NCAA and CBS NOT to have the Blue Bloods in the Tournament. If the NCAA does issue sanctions, expect only 1 to 2 years probations with 1 year post season bans at most. After that, everything will go back to the way it was before the FBI investigations. Teams will continue to buy players comfortable in the knowledge that the NCAA really couldn’t care less if they do.

The way to fix this, IMO, is (1) to get rid of the ridiculous rules that give schools such an incentive to pay people under the table and (2) make sure that people like Sean Miller and Will Wade never coach a college game again. Ten-year show cause would modify some behavior.

Sorry SF. The NCAA has no incentive to solve these problems. Miller and Wade are two hot commodities to schools and the NCAA. All the NCAA will take action on is if thier cash flow is interrupted.