New Arkansas OL pledge Stromberg survied harrowing accident (analysis)... … vived-har/

As usual Dudley, your story as well as Ricky’s puts all things considered in life in a different perspective.
In Ricky’s case it says he was 320 lbs at time of the wreck & since toned down to 280 lbs. Also mentioned he was on the way to an early morning workout before school. All of this after a visit to Fayetteville.
Sounds as if he was following some instructions from our staff to earn that scholly here.
Whatever the reason he has earned that & we should feel lucky just as it was Gods will for him to be a Razorback on that day in March. As was you also 13,537 days ago & still counting.
Welcome aboard Mr Ricky Stromberg.

Wow. Very Good story(s). :sunglasses:

How long were you in the hospital and how long before you woke up?

Wow awesome story! Very fortunate to be alive… that kind of thing is life-changing because you realize you’re here for a reason in everything you do is totally different.

Two days to wake up and six weeks in the hospital.

Had to re-learn my ABCs and 123s. Obviously still haven’t mastered re-learning the English language grammar, but happy to have the chance to do it.

That is a great piece of work, Dudley. Getting a second chance is a gift and it sure wakes you up. I got one April 13, 2017, and feel very lucky.

A great article Dudley!! Probably like many on here had no idea of what you had gone thru - thanks for sharing a heartfelt story that (cliché) makes us realize what is important…

Dudley, I knew that you had been in a traumatic wreck, but not the full extent of your injuries. Wow. You and Ricky are very blessed. Thank you for sharing both stories.

Thanks for sharing Dudley. You’ve had more than your share of life changing events. I appreciate your willingness to share your life with us.

And it’s great to have Ricky on board. And great to hear his story.

Looking forward to your 13538.

I remember when your accident happened. We had a class together on the hill. Glad you are doing well and living life to the fullest. We’ll have to get together at a Jimmy Buffett concert sometime.