New APR single-year scores low for football, basketball

All of the Razorbacks’ programs are above the benchmark in multi-year scores, and those are the scores that matter most in APR. When you fall below 930 in multi year, penalties can be assessed.

Something to monitor in future years: football (895) and men’s basketball (920) are below in the single-year score. It is the second consecutive year that basketball is below the single-year benchmark. Transfers and players in poor academic standing - and sometimes those overlap - are what hurt APR, and football had several transfers in the last reporting period.

One or two years below the single-year benchmark won’t hurt a program, so long as it can offset those years with a strong score within four years. Football’s multi-year score is being propped up by the three preceding scores of 985, 988 and 981, and basketball by two perfect scores of 1,000. As those fall off in future years, the multi-year score will continue to be pulled down by the latest single-year scores, unless those scores that fall off can be duplicated.

It’s also worth noting that Eric Musselman’s four-year snapshot at Nevada was 950, but that the final two years were under the single-year benchmark with scores of 882 and 922.

Here is my story on APR with scores from all UA sports and across the SEC.

Why don’t these problems follow the coaches that accrued them? We should’ve gotten something out of that awful year.

They do somewhat. Each coach has an individual APR score now.

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