New AP poll

Arkansas is 13th in the AP poll. Ole Miss is 17th.

Georgia added five first-place votes but is still ranked second.

That…is not nearly as far as I thought we would fall.

The voters know how good Georgia is.


I think the main consensus is not that the Hogs are bad, it’s that Georgia and Alabama are the two elite teams in the country.


I think we are still recognized as a good team, but it is more of a testament to the fact that GA is a great team!

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I’m happy with that ranking. If we win Saturday we are likely to move back into the top 10. At least get close. Then let’s win a week from Saturday. After that, we can enjoy a couple of weeks before we hit the grinder again.

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2-0 the next two weeks could lead to a phenomenal season.

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A night game for Auburn would be fantastic. Hope the crowd can be as electric for that one as we were for Texas. They deserve a beat down from the Hogs. Wish I could attend that one too.

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After what the hog fans have watched the past few years we should all be jumping with joy! Ranked 13th and having a 4-1 record is a complete 360 from where we all were 2 years ago. Coach Pittman and this staff are have made a vast improvement to our Hogs.
The hogs have a chance to win these next few games. Get ready for Ole Miss and get your popcorn ready!

If we win the next two games, it will be a glorious year.

The saying is “a 180” because a 360 puts you back at the beginning and we were certainly not 4-1 and ranked during Lil’ Hammerdown’s time at Arkansas. The 180 refers to a complete turnaround.


Thrilled to be at 13 with a chance to put Georgia behind us.

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