New Additions to next yr team

Never too early to look ahead.

Juco LH Hunter Hollan 73 IP 104 K 17 BB.

OF Jared Wegner Creighton .349 11 Hrs 53 RBI.

Juco inf Peyton Holt…366 10Hrs 77 RBI 22 SB

Juco inf Hunter Grimes…366.17 Hrs 66 RBI.

Juco inf Issac Webb .414 6 hrs 45 RBIb 33 SB.

Juco inf. Tyson Fourkiller .448…5 hrs 60 RbI

Juco inf Harold Coll. .357.10 Hrs 65 RBi.

Former Ole Miss pitcher Cody Adcock
4-2 6.78 ERA!! 67 IP 81 K

Really not sure why all these are mostly infielders but they have some great numbers. Looking forward to seeing how they fit in. We got to hit the transfer portal hard because LSU is already making a massive explosion into it.

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Probably cause we are losing most of our infield. Wallace, Battles, Moore. Had that one kid transfer out

Infielders can usually play outfield. Outfielders usually can’t play infield.

Dave Van Horn told me years ago every player on a college team (and that includes a lot of pitchers and some catchers) once played shortstop. That’s where you put the most talented player in high school or legion.

Dave likes to sign a lot of shortstops. They can slide to other spots. The key is whether or not they can hit a breaking ball. If they can, he will get them on the field.


All these guys put up big numbers albeit Juco and you find ways to play them for sure as we saw this year… we will just see if they can make the transition to SEC baseball

True we do have three open positions,Varnado is the infielder that we lost

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Yeah, that surprised me… the infield was going to be wide open next season. Not sure why he left.

I’m thinking it’s probably because of these kids were bringing in.

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One rumor being circulated is that they wanted to convert him to centerfield and he wanted to keep being a shortstop. Apparently, they thought they had better shortstops coming in than him, so he left.


This. It’s true.

They were looking for shortstops after watching him in the fall. He was just okay at SS.

Is Stovall a SS or 2B

2nd base is what I’m hearing…

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2B … and a good one.

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Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. So happy that Stovall wanted to play college ball and at ARKANSAS.


wonder if Adcock is regretting his decision now?

Adcock loved Crowder and is excited to be a Hog.

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I hope he can do better for us and he did for Crowder had a 6.78 ERA this year. He did worse there than he did for Ole Miss the year before, don’t know what’s going on but he’s got some things to work out quite obviously.

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