New AD and Lane Kiffin?

For those worried about his ‘people slills’, take a good look at the best coaches in football, Saban, Gus, etc. they can be abrasive at times - I believe you call it passion! So freaking what! It’s an abrasive world we live in! We better have someone unlike the previous Coach who never showed any whatsoever. Uncommon allright, see where it got us? Lower GPA and an awful team, from a competitive standpoint.

Chad Morris…

Wrong. GPA improved. Awful team didn’t.

I’m warming to the idea…heard the online interview today about his time at Clemson.

I think that y’all might just be surprised what Ken Hatfield thinks.


FWIW, I’d tend to go along with anything Ken Hatfield thinks on who our coach should be. If it’s someone I’m warm to, I’d become enthusiastic if Ken wanted him. If it’s someone I don’t want, it’s someone I’d warm to. Great man, good man, great coach, bleeds Razorback red. Now that JFB has gone, he’s about the closest thing we have left as an icon.

Marty do you have a scoop on what Ken Hatfield think about Kiffin?

My information about Ken Hatfield’s opinion is second hand. I will say that my source is extremely reliable and a friend to Ken. Ken was asked about some of the potential coaches. Beyond that, sorry, I’m not telling, especially since it is once removed from Coach Hatfield.

I love Ken Hatfield and you are soooo right about him as an icon. We need him in a visible role like Spurrier is at Florida.