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Bring him on.

Lock him into a nice contract, I think he’s one of about 3 coaches in the country who aren’t scared of Saban, something about that makes me giddy.

There is hope!

Several teams 4-5 years down the road will wish they have grabbed Kiffin.

Do it.

Kiffin is worth the risk. He’s definitely a Petrino type but not as abrasive. He is a much better recruiter. And like it or not, we would be nationally relevant like we were when Bobby was here. I don’t want to end up like Ole Miss though. I don’t think Lane has ever been implicated but his brother was at Ole miss much of the time that mess was going on.

Wrong! He is very abrasive. Would be a terrible hire in my opinion. He has the maturity of a 15 year old.

Yes! Just do it

Uh, both of those articles are from last year. :?

So Kiffin is the big rumor now? Better confirm w 339 :lol:

What does Lane know about recruiting Arkansas, or relating to the people in Arkansas, period. Ken Hatfield would be 100% against this move, and I tend to agree with him.

Ken wants Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech :wink:

He’s needs a strong AD to keep him in line.

Kifffin lived most of his first 10 years in Fayetteville. His father is Monte Kiffin.

or maybe somebody like Vin Diesel in the Pacifier.

I don’t know that there is a relationship between the new AD and Kiffin, other than the fact he interviewed last year and was passed over for the job.

He knows how to recruit period, doesn’t matter where he’s at.

I like and respect Ken, but his opinion won’t change mine anytime soon.

Has Ken spoke out on this? Just because one imagines what Ken thinks, doesn’t mean it is real.

I think Ken Hatfield would be 100% behind the hiring of Kiffin. And, I agree with him! :smiley:

Then he lived most of those years without his father. Monte was only here 3 seasons.

Kiffin would be a good hire but don’t think it will happen.

Kiffin’s Defensive Coordinator and younger brother just got a 2 year show cause for level 1 recruiting violations at Ole Miss and they went light on him. I will pass on this train wreck.

Kiffin lived in Fayetteville for three years. His dad was on Holtz’ staff 1977-1979, which was when Lane was 2, 3 and 4. I wouldn’t call that “most of his first 10 years”.