New Academic and Sports Scandal.

Today it was revealed that a conspiracy involving very wealth celebrities, coaches, SAT, ACT, academic advisors, and admissions officials has been going on. Wealthy celebs have been bribing testing officials to allow others to take the SAT or ACT instead of the actual student. Also, some of these wealthy people bribed coaches to recruit they children to get a fake athletic scholarship. After arriving, the student would either fake an injury, or just quit the team and remain in school. Academic advisors and admissions officials were bribed to alter grades and test scores. These crimes occurred at some of the most prestigious Ivy League Universities, as well as other elite schools. Some say this is just the tip of the ice berg. Again, not revealed by the NCAA, but the FBI I believe. Sorry I don’t have the link. Perhaps someone could post it. Your thoughts about this?

As I read that, these kids were not athletes at all, did not pretend to be and did not fake an injury. Their parents (including a couple of prominent actresses) just bribed their way into school using admission slots that the school had set aside for athletes; presumably some actual athletes might have been excluded because some rich parent bought those admission spots. The coach or whoever was on the take at the school would certify them as athletes even though they weren’t. Ivy schools don’t give athletic scholarships, but there were a couple of very selective state schools involved, including UCLA and Evil Orange Empire-Austin. … andal.html

Say it ain’t so Aunt Becky :sunglasses:

Here’s a link: … ns-scandal

Click on it, lot of info here.

From “Full House to the “Big House”. :shock:

Bringing this back to sports, I just read that the guy who was taking the tests for the kids was the director of college entrance exam prep for IMG Academy in Florida… That’s potentially not good at all.

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Is the tied in with the recent similar scandal at USC or mostly is this mostly Ivy League schools.
Good grief the FBI has been busy. I have a feeling this investigation may turn up a vast corruption game involving more than just rich parents, kids, university officials & coaches.
Involvement from some NCAA officials & all the way to some political figures.

USC is up to its eyeballs in this one. Four current or former SC coaches/administrators are charged, including an associate AD and a head coach who has won 14 national championships in his sport. The mastermind (who wore a wire after they caught him) lives in southern California, and UCLA is also involved. I think it started as an investigation into bribing their way into Ivy schools like Harvard, but spread well beyond that as they found out more of what was going on at highly selective schools.