New 5 Out hoops column

Topics I hit on in this column:

  • Examining Arkansas w/o Isaiah Joe, particularly the last 3 games
  • Reggie Chaney 1 of SEC’s best on offensive glass
  • Mason Jones hits rough patch
  • Should Adrio Bailey take more 3s? I asked Eric Musselman about this.
  • Breaking down Mississippi State

Perfect response from Muss on Bailey. I think Bailey can make the 3 if he has his feet set, in rhythm and game is not on the line. He showed last year too that he can make a jump shot at the right time in the game with no pressure.

You will notice the same with his free throws.

Not saying anything intelligent there. Everyone who has played knows that if you are not a good shooter, when there is no pressure you shoot and when you are under pressure, you aim.

While Bailey takes a few 3’s he can brick a pair of free throws back to back as well. Bailey isn’t a relatable scorer.
I trust him on the 3 as much as I do him finishing around the basket. He needs to play defense and rebound. Staying out of foul trouble would be nice too!

Our hogs will have to get lucky and have Jones, Sills and Whitt do the scoring. Chaney can do damage down low scoring and rebounding he just TD needs to stop fouling 25 feet from the basket.
Until Joe comes back from injury our hogs are in trouble.

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