New 5 Out column, featuring Reggie Chaney's efficient run

Also hit on Isaiah Joe’s long scoreless stretches, Jeantal Cylla’s role, Arkansas’ team 3-point shooting and provide an analytical view of TCU:

Arkansas really needs Reggie to become the man that at times he has shown the potential to be.
If and when that happens he could be a tremendous physical factor for the Hogs.
Don’t know if he works with anyone in the off season, but I’m sure CEM and his contacts would be able to match him up with someone that could help develop his game and confidence.

I think its time for him to start,He’s been automatic around the bucket lately and can get rebounds and block shots…

Back during the summer, Reggie worked out in Dallas with a trainer named Tim Martin. Tyrese Maxey of Kentucky and Brady Manek at Oklahoma were also at the workouts I’ve seen videos of.


Normally coaches shake up the starting lineup when you lose few games in a row. Any prediction on what Musselman will do or not do?

I would like to see Bailey and Chaney start together. Chaney for Sills. Let’s use the size we do have. Also Sills can bring instant energy off the bench.

I was talking about this exact thing earlier today with some buddies. We agreed it’s about time to insert Reggie in place of Desi, and use Cylla to spell Bailey/Chaney when they need a blow. I think it’s time Desi’s role changed a little. He’s still not shooting the 3 well and now he’s struggling to finish at the rim, which is a big reason why he still got plenty of minutes early on.

Good. We are on the same path. Also, once both Chaney and Bailey get three fouls each and a good portion of the game left, he can go to the 4 guard lineup and manage their fouls.

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