New 40 Minutes of Tell: Bob and I talk our All-SEC team, preseason poll

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Great job Jimmy.

This is a must listen for Ark BB fans. These guys do a great job of explaining how good the SEC is this year. Spoiler Alert… they both have KY, A&M, MO, Bama, FL, and Ark in their top 6. One has Ark 5, the other 6. Another comment… this Ark team might have been picked in the top 3 of the SEC in other years.

As optimistic as many of us are about the Hogs, it’s clear plenty of other schools have good reason for optimism too.

Appreciate it. The depth of the conference is crazy this year. Teams that normally would be considered in the NCAA hunt are closer to 10th, while Arkansas, a team that would normally be third, is a little lower. Still think they’re an NCAA team and could finish in the top 3-4 (they generally finish higher than predicted), but the top of the league is stacked. I think you could make cases for a lot of different combinations 1-6.

I’m higher on UF than you are Jimmy. I am really impressed with White. Wonder if they will try Allen at PG any this year?

I think they’ll solidly be in the tourney, but I don’t buy the top-10 love they’ve been getting. That said, I completely agree with you on White. Love what he does offensively with how they space the floor. His ATO stuff is really good. Think he has the program in a good place.

I’m not high on Missouri! Conzo Martin does less with more talent than Grease ball at Kentucky.
Florida will be tough. I think the hogs finish 3 or 4 th.

Missouri is loaded with talent.

It will take a monumental lack coaching effort to screw that up this year.

Pretty amazing that so many talented players wanted to go to a program that last year was called the worst P5 team in America.

Yes, I know Porter was signed because they hired his dad but it’s still all very fishy.