New ’24 hoops offer

Uh oh, he’s outside the top 100. PJ will be moving the goalposts in 3, 2, 1…


There’s a lot of time for the young man to move up! Those goals post won’t matter.

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Not the point, Army. PJ has been pushing his assertion that Muss won’t offer anyone who is outside the top 50. Well this guy isn’t even ranked by two services, and not in the top 50 by the ones that have rated, and Muss offered him. So PJ will have to move the goalpost again or his head explode from cognitive dissonance.

Much less likely, of course, is that he’ll accept what is obvious: Muss does his own evaluation and the high rating from the services is coincidental. Or perhaps the high rating is BECAUSE schools like Arkansas offer them.


I thought this was an informational post from Richard to inform us about a recruiting target?

If Muss has offered the kid, the ratings services will probably take note and move him up in the rankings at least somewhat. If the bluebloods or other sub-Bluebloods (Ark, UConn, etc.) come calling, the kid will really rocket up the ratings. The rating process is constantly evolving.

Marcus might want to avoid being “mic’d up” in the future but it appears he can shoot… so…

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Making an offer is like asking for a date. A lot happens between that and going out on a date and getting married. So far I have nothing to worry about. This player will either fade away or rise to a Top 50 and sign with us. :grinning:

Never said he won’t offer. I said he won’t sign. I acknowledged before that he has offered 3 stars before like Corliss’s son, when my assumption was that he doesn’t sign anyone less than a 4 star. Since then I moved the goal post up to Top 50 and not down,

Rankings for ‘24 kids are very immature at this point. Let’s see where he’s ranked after the summer.

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