New 2018 Basketball offer?

Checking on this to make sure.

The previous kid is not being brought to campus so you have to be cautious of reports.

Pretty good mobility for a 6’10 kid. Originally from the Ukraine. Played at a prep school that played some of the better prep schools, played Reggie Chaney and Findlay Prep, Oak Hill Academy. Read a link where he averaged 14 pts and 8 rbs per game.

Corey Evans is a fairly reputable recruiting pundit.

They have been talking to him, but like Dudley said want to confirm the offer.

They need a big.

I’m down as long as he can actually play next year. Don’t need a Hazen. Film looks good I think and he looks totally different in his 2016 film compared to the 2018 stuff.

McPherson just tweeted about it as well…

McPherson said what Dudley and Richard said “reportedly” means it’s not confirmed. McPherson does that a lot

Interestingly 247 is showing his crystal ball 100% to AR

I just said he was tweeting about it. Didn’t say anything about confirmation. But, as Navy said Corey Evans is pretty credible, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

I got you

As of 6 tonight, they didn’t have anyone coming in this weekend for an official visit. Don’t expect it either.

Comments: I like his length although he looks frail, regardless the SEC bigs will eat his lunch. I would imagine he is a candidate for redshirting his first year unless his goes the mid-major route. Besides I don’t believe Mike has a scholarship to offer to a redshirt candidate

I think he does. Especially if it’s a SO transfer big. He’d miss next year, then you’d have a JR with experience taking the court when Gafford leaves.

Reply: Mike doesn’t redshirt anyone unless there is a bone popping out of their leg. I think the philosophy is to bring him in, let him apprentice under Gafford/get a few minutes a game and then hopefully this puts him into a better role to play next year.

I noticed that Scotty Thurman is following him on Twitter.

Yea, I believe that’s the plan if they move forward with him. He’d obviously be competing with Henderson for back-up minutes behind Gafford.

The guy looks better than Gabe who many of y’all are crazy about… This guy can help us now with his size and shooting

The one who is crazy about Gabe is Mike Anderson, who has the only vote that counts.

Yes, Corey is a very reputable guy and this may be true. I haven’t gotten anyone yet to confirm it.

The problem is high school coaches and high school players sometimes hear what they want to hear and not what was actually said.

That’s why you have to confirmed “an offer” was actually given by those in power to do so.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many football and basketball offers were really just interest and not offers, but were reported by the kids to publicize themselves.

I always wondered if that actually happened.

I’ll throw my vote in there. Kids got GREAT upside.