New 2017 Basketball Offer

It’s being reported that we offered Kenny Wootena 6’8 F from Las Vegas tonight. He had been committed to Arizona St.

Where did you hear that at? I can’t find anything on him other than he decommited from ASU. I remember his name from earlier in the year when we were recruiting him.

There are several Twitter comments from “sports guys” saying it. Haven’t seen Dudley or RD say anything yet (Believe I saw Danny West tweet or retweet it)

Gotcha. That’s definitely interesting. Like I said I remember his name from earlier this year/last year when we were recruiting him. Interested to see if he really has an offer. Haven’t seen Dudley, RD, or McPherson say anything about it yet, they are usually the one’s that know if the offers are legit or not.

RD retweeted it. Original tweet was from Julius Kim? Says he is a national recruiting analyst

Do we want a PG or a PF?

You are correct. I completely missed it on twitter when RD retweeted.

As far as PG or PF, I have no idea. The Wooten offer is kinda surprising to me. Staff doesn’t usually offer unless they feel they have a legit shot. They made sure to visit Weathers and Hardy before offering them. They could be of the mindset to just take the best available player and cover all bases in case of a departure.

I just watched some stuff of Wooten, and I can definitely see why they would go after him if they have a shot, he can be a game changer at the 4 position. And we know that was kinda our weakness this year. With that said, we’re really crowded at that position… Thomas, Cook, Bailey, Hazen, and Hall. Adding another guy we’d have 5 guys at that spot, unless they are planning to eventually move Bailey and Hall to the 3 spot.

I actually thought Hall would play the 3. I’ve said since we signed our three in November that I believed Garland would be (by the time conference season starts) the 3 this year with Macon, Barford, Thomas, Gafford, and Hall would be the 3 with Beard, Jones, Bailey/Cook, and Thompson. Hardy or Wooten (IMO) would jump into the rotation.