Never would have thought Jonathon

Williams would get arrested. I know he will learn from it, just hope it doesn’t cast a dark shadow as he tries to make the Buffalo roster.

Yeah, a little surprised until I think about myself at that age. Fortunately, the young eaglehog was a little shiftier and elusive on the paved gridiron than young J-Will. The blue team only got their hands on me once, but I was wearing a tearaway jersey. Bathroom break and a nickle under the tongue lowered my BAC to a legal level. Fortunately no one was hurt in either incident. I learned a lesson that night, and I hope J-Will learns it too. Fortunately, he’s got the money to take the hit that is coming his way.

Anything can happen when young adults get money and a little freedom. It doesn’t tarnish JWill as a person or as a great razorback. It just shows that we are all human. I hope and pray he learns from it.

I agree here. I was quite shifty myself at a young age and wilder than a Tuesday Turd. Had my share of run ins with Johnny Law, just for havin that big ole chip on the shoulder. Thank goodness I didn’t sign any pro contract, doubt I’d be typing anything right now.
J Will should be just fine, he is an outstanding individual and I think the Bills will see that soon enough.

Why not Uber or Taxi. I don’t understand a 2016 DUI for anyone.

The intellectual side of me doesn’t understand it either. MADD was just mad when I was a lad. Now they’re positively rabid. Laws have gotten much tougher and the legal BAC level is pretty low these days. I understand why. One of my old drinking buddies from high school killed 3 people as he drove while plastered in a big truck a few years ago. Just ran right up on top of a much smaller vehicle on I-40. He was way old enough to know better and did a few years in the slammer. Unfortunately, youngsters like J-Will sometimes have that feeling of invincibility. He will suffer the consequences and I suspect he will learn from it.

This post literally made me laugh out loud.

Got a point!