Never thought for a second

this team would go scoreless today. What a great post season run though!


A month ago when we lost 3 of 4 to Alabama never thought we would make to Omaha much less almost make to championship series. It goes to show how important that second game is. These guys have nothing to be ashamed of they played their hearts out! Go Hogs!


after the first it was deja vu all over again, same feeling for me as NC St last year.

We faced a very good pitcher today. It happens.

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very good pitcher today, we hit the ball directly at there guys and couldnt advance a runner and they did. I also think the umps were eratic in last 2 games.

Erratic is being kind.

To be fair they were erratic for both teams. Several calls went our way ole miss wanted.

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Those don’t count. :grin:
The game we miraculously won 3-2 we won in spite of the Ump.
I counted nine gifted calls in ola ms’s favor in that game.

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After another strike call (clearly wide of the zone) in our last game, I thought, unfortunately some of these batters step into box, knowing the pitcher may never throw into the strike zone and yet the batter can get called out by the ump. That’s the deplorable outcome of the umpire who predetermines he is going to stretch the zone. Of course, squeezing it works the same way, negatively for the pitcher. Its beyond ridiculous.

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