Never say Never....Andersen waives all Future Compensation!

The Precedent is set! … 475e1.html

He’s a class act.

I wonder if Bret is also.

Has nothing to do with being a class act.

Would YOU walk away from $15M just to be a “class act”?

I’m just pointing out that Anderson walked away, because it was in best interest of the program and the kids. He left 12.7 million on the table. Comparable situation, and I hope it starts a trend with college coaches, if they do care about the kids and the program they failed at.

I understand if he doesn’t and likely won’t, that’s a ton of money. But it’s nice to see that Anderson did something that shows he truly did have to kids best interest at mind.

We will see. Early in the story. We don’t know all the facts. I will bet you your favorite soda the compensation for leaving turns out to be something more than zero.

Do you REALLY think he just walked away from $15 mill…there is no way. They obviously have something on him. No one walks away from $15 Million. :shock:

Andersen is a devout Mormon. May have something to do with it. May not.

He didn’t walk away to be a class act. Some people have the right priorities and principles. It’s unique but also admirable, not that he is looking for the applause of man.

You sure can’t take that money with you when you die! I’d say money is not the most important thing in life! I know it’s not for me!
I still can’t believe a buyout can be so high!
You have to pay someone 15 million to fire them! I’d say the idiot who agreed to the contract terms needs a mental evaluation!

He’s a fool, no way I would do that!

This. We’ll know more down the road.

I thought the article was going to be about our O Line coach.

money isnt everything.

if someone says “do you want this fifteen million i have here laying around?”

no one says NO

It’s a contract. There is nothing immoral or foolish about holding the parties involved to the contract.

To walk away from a contract is foolish unless there is something else involved.

I highly doubt the motive is altruistic.

It sure sounds strange. Never heard of anything like it. Maybe he knows what his next job is going to be and isn’t worried about compensation. Surely, there is something more there.