Never heard it louder!

I have been going to Arkansas basketball games since the 80’s. Been to some great games with great atmospheres. I have never heard it louder in BWA or in Barnhill…never! My ears are still ringing from last night.

Our boys battled all night. The crowd also battled. That crowd made a difference. A big difference. It was extremely loud down the stretch and in OT and when Auburn went to the free throw line, it made a difference. They missed like their last 6 or 7 straight free throw attempts and most were not close. Kessler missed what, like 5 straight including the one we stepped in the lane early.

That was the most enjoyable basketball game I have been at since the mid-90’s Just a great night. Congratulations to our young men. They earned it.


You couldn’t have said it better. It went to another level in loudness. Maybe comparable to a couple of Kentucky games in the nineties but I think this one tops them all. Those free throw misses were definitely influenced by the crowd.


Pearl said as much in his post presser about the crowd.

Last night was just like old times. I still can’t talk from hollering, my ears are still ringing.


I haven’t been to very many games at BWA. I remember attending a game vs. ORU way back when. It was loud enough to give me a headache. I cannot even imagine the way I would have felt last night with that volume. It was so loud even watching on TV.


Agree! It was also a “basketball smart” crowd. In the last 5 minutes of regulation and the OT, the instant Aubie got the ball on offense, the noise became more and more deafening. It had been extremely loud the whole game, but hit new levels (that I had never heard before) during those last 10 minutes. The same when Auburn stepped to the foul line.

Conversely, we were nice and quiet when we had the ball on offense and when we stepped to the foul line. And when we made a basket, it was instantly deafening again. Just a great crowd in every sense of the word.

If you wanted to say something to the person next to you, it would have been impossible for them to hear you, regardless of how loud you screamed.


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