Never fear boys, good things are near

  1. The Hogs will have a new defensive line coach coach next season. 2. Bijon Jackson most likely won’t be back. 3.There will be more and better linebackers. 4. You can say the same for the defensive backs. 5. There will be a new defensive scheme. 6. The kicking game will improve. 7. The offense may be best in the SEC. 8. If most of this doesn’t come to past, there will be a new coaching staff in 2018.

Curious why you think Bijohn won’t be back?

  1. Jackson should be back, 2. Why is that a good thing if he leaves? He was one of the few bright spots on the DL this year

This entire post is a little out there, not sure why you would assume best offense in the sec considering we will have 1 returning receiver with significant game experience, that hurts.

Is there a sarcasm emoticon you’re missing?

I think he is just summarizing all the rationalizations that are on the board