Never been a "Fire the Coach" guy.

Hated when Hatfield left even though a ton of Hog fans wanted him gone, and I thought Danny Ford would have had similar results to Nutt in 98 and was ambivalent at best of Ford’s departure. I grew tired of HDN’s song and dance the last 3 years he was here, and wasn’t sad to see him go, but I did wonder if we could do better. Petrino, by all accounts, isn’t a good person, but I was shocked and mad when Long let him go.

When news came down that Long had landed someone big, I was optimistic. Then I learned it was Brett. I have to admit I was shocked that he’d leave W, but the hire never excited me. Partly because we’d just fired a better coach, if not a better person, and his style of play was, and is, too conservative for my tastes. Not trying to score with less than 2 minutes before half, rarely going for 4th and short, playing base D with little pressure, etc. But still, until last night, I thought we could turn it around. I don’t think that anymore.

Something is broken on the Hill. The shuffling of the Oline, the lack of development, the obvious talent gap, the schemes and philosophy is probably the biggest disappointments to me. I’ve always been an optimist, a glass half full type of guy, but this team is painful to watch. Even a miraculous turnaround at this point would be too little too late.

I wish Brett well. I truly mean that. A five million dollar going away present would suit me just fine.