Never been a Cal fan but he was right about the lousy calls -----------------------

------------------------ going against his players. That flagrant foul call when his player pulled the ball away high from one of our guys and his elbow caught one of our guys (who was on his back) in the face was incidental just like Mason’s elbow that did the same to a Kentucky defender who tried to steal the ball as Mason went past. Mason’s elbow was called a basketball move but the Kentucky players elbow was called flagrant. Then when Sills did a head flop as he went by the Kentucky defender and got the foul call, Cal acted like he wanted to get kicked out. He went onto the court protesting/complaining, got Teed up, and kept on coming. He wanted the second technical, got it, and suddenly Kentucky was getting all of the calls their way instead of the other way. We missed a great opportunity. I have never seen the calls going our way against a name opponent so much until Cal walked off. It was make up calls galore from that point on. That zone was a brilliant move. They ran an almost box and one keeping Isiah covered tight, our other two best outside shooters were in foul trouble, and they had the size to stifle Whitt inside. We had nothing but bricks to offer against their zone and they killed us going away. We did well to stay with them and come back like we did. We don’t have size to defend with or rebound well, we don’t have a point guard who can break down the defense, but we get almost everything possible out of the players we have. Can’t wait to see what Muss can do with the better parts that are on the way to our team in the future.

I don’t completely agree that the zone killed us. We missed 6 wide open 3s by Joe and Jones during that Kentucky run.

I have to believe that Cal called for that zone defense, either from texting from the locker room or to an assistant as he was being escorted out of the arena. No way an assistant coach takes that chance on their own accord. I wonder if it is legal for an ejected coach to issue instructions like that.

They may have discussed it before the ejection, but I do not think they discussed it after the ejection.

We threw up some bricks before the zone as well, that is true.

Sorry if I don’t feel too bad for Cal on the calls. The refs have given Cal the benefit of the dought way too many times over the years. Have cost the opposing teams a number of games too.

Bingo, how do u feel sorry for a guy that’s start whining and working the refs right off the jump he’s a slime

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The flagrant call came from Birmingham. Refs in BWA didn’t make it.

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