Never a doubt!

Undefeated! 3-0 WPS!




Never a doubt after the punt return.


I never had a doubt the entire night. I knew they would find a way to win this game.

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I was very concerned. Wonderful game and win!

I was on pins and needles all night.

Yeah there plenty to doubt bc we were beating ourselves most of the night, they didn’t have to.Adversity will always reveal character. We showed in the fourth quarter what we were made of. We were totally different defense in the 4th quarter when we needed them the most. They never really stopped us on offense but there was doubt that we could lose this game because we were beating ourselves. That’s how upsets occur but I’m glad we finally got on track on both sides of the ball and pulled it out. We have a whole lot to work on .This was a good win that can be a good teaching tool


Coach will have their attention in practice this week. Watching the film may humble a few. We got the win and after we smack A$M, all will be good :blush:

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I hope it is a teaching tool. Everyone has already been taught once around here. You can throw just because you want to, and whenever you want, and where ever you want.

We have the best passing running combo QB in the league.

Our defensive rush ended up finally saving us. It was fun to watch late in the game.

The shovel pass was just a great play call at the time.

KJ has a incredible and just beautiful deep ball. That has to be called on more.
Running just for runnings sake has got to go. How/why we run needs a makeover. All running is not the same.
How and why we run currently, almost cost us the game. We intended to be a plow mule all day and cut rows, predictable rows. The field ended ip being full of boulders, and we just kept on trying to plow. BP was not interested in plowing. He was on a different field running race horses.

Again KJ is a freak QB, eveytime we send a back into the pile is a play wasted for our freak QB and our great RB’s.

I love great Punt returns. Timely one’s especially.

BP can call a game.
Lose the fear!

Looking forward GHG!


Interesting tidbit from last night:

Miami is the first CFB team in at least 22 years to pick up 27 first downs in a game without scoring a touchdown.

A&M has defensive issues and a bad QB. If Miami does anything in the red zone and doesn’t muff that punt at its 10, they win.

Lose the fear is right.

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This is why ‘ That’s another Arkansas first down’ cheer I have never liked it.

It’s a scoreboard, not a clockboard, not a firstdownboard.

The tiebreaker in Texas high school playoffs used to be “penetrations”, otherwise known as entering the red zone. Which always struck me as strange; it rewarded teams for failure (and the refs got the penetration count wrong more than once).

But Miami would have been in good shape in the Texas playoffs.

That is an amazing stat though. 27 first downs. Wow.

Well just goes to show why they are playing to score.

We have a very experienced offensive line that can run and pass block equally well.
I have always thought the key to a great offensive team is to get the defense to “react” to what you’re doing and not “attack” what you’re doing.
We have a great running game and the majority of the time we run on first down so the defense is ready to “attack” that and that’s why you saw us be so successful throwing the ball on first down when we did because then they were having to"react"to what we were doing cuz they were truth to be expecting run.
We will have to have a very good mixture next week against A&M because they are very athletic up front and even though they’ve given up some run yards I still believe they’re going to make it tough on us and going to be attacking us to try to get us in third and long, I think I would like to see a 50/50 split on run/ pass on first down to try to catch them unprepared and maybe can burn them deep like we did last year with Burks.


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