Never a doubt!

Loved it! WPS!


I was never worried about this game. We should have beaten them by 2 scores. Cincy is a nice little team, but no way they would have won the 9 games we did last year if they played our schedule. SO glad we are going to a 12 team playoff.


And if they would have connected on those wide open long passes, they would have scored 50 against us.

Nice little team?


A great little team would have connected on those. :grinning:


Agree…their QB missed several wide open TDs today and or they easily would have won that game! Cincinnati is a good team. Probably couldn’t hold up with a SEC West schedule, but they are good and today will be a good feather in our cap at the end of the year.


Our secondary is not close to SEC standards. Cannot cover man on man and is far too slow. I had hoped that had been corrected, but guess not. Cincy is good with some talent and speed, but they are not SEC. Odom will get no sleep tonight. It got a little better when we went to zones.

Oline played ok, but not as well as I hoped. Too much pressure on KJ and too many runs where there was no hole at all. Still, that last drive was special. KJ’s 3rd down play at the 20 was very special and probably prevent OT as that defense was not going to stop them.

All in all, a very good win, but I really appreciate all the help they gave us!

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Our secondary is marginal, if we lose Slusher and Catalon we are in a bad way


I don’t think the issue is the secondary; the defensive line put pressure on their QB one time; only one time…against that nice little team.

We’re going to have to rely on our offense and more zone on D.

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I will have nightmares about WRs all year running 10 yards past our chasing secondary.

I think rather than offense and zone D we may need to depend on Covid and forfeits for our wins.

The defense stopped them several times when Cincinnati had a chance to tie, including on first and goal from the 3 and a drive that started passed midfield (strip sack drive)

I’m not ready to panic just yet, but having to hope a opponent goes through some mental meltdown when they are1st and goal from the 3, or in the red zone, is concerning.

I guess it’s possible though.

Well surely our offense isn’t going to put our defense in that position again ….

I would hope not.

Bowman has some work to do. We have guy’S, not getting some sweet move put on them, or getting juked out of their shoes, none of that, they are just getting flat straight up run past.
When WR’s are getting huge separation just running a straight line. It’s concerning.

“If”……if we had more plays we would have won by 50, some of you don’t understand football.


Well if your Aunt Betty had a mustache she would be your Uncle Fred but either way we have got an enormous amount of work to do in pass coverage and also cut out all these penalties that are killing drives on offense. First game always reveals your warts now we got to make the necessary adjustments to be able to stop a very good QB in Rattler from South Carolina

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USCe needed two blocked punts for TD’s to put some distance between them and GA St, we’ll be ok. Sure we need work, every team outside of Bama and Georgia looked like they do! The guys burned are the same ones who were burned last year, especially giving a free release to the middle of the field. I don’t know if he was expecting help from a safety, but there wasn’t one there, as Catalon and Slusher were already out.


Cincy reloaded better than I expected. We probably don’t win that game without Cincy’s epic penalty meltdowns. For a playoff team, the penalties and flying helmets made them look pretty Busch League.

Our secondary did not stay with their receivers. That’s a problem.

Our defense knocked down Bryant multiple times. That was clearly a point of emphasis.

Our O-line was good. Not dominating but good.

QB play was nice. A few errant passes but overall a solid performance.

Sanders had a very nice day. Dubinion is going to be a stud.

Special teams had one terrible punt but otherwise looked decent.

There’s no comparison between this team’s first game and last year’s Rice game. This team would have beat Rice by 50.

We didn’t look as good as I think we will in the future. They looked better than I thought they would. Overall, closer game than I expected and I’m happy we got out with a win.


We were very fortunate to win yesterday. Sam seems to be a lucky coach, in addition to being a very good one. Our secondary was awful. Guys were running wide open, but the Bearcat quarterback kept missing them.

Luke Fickle is one good coach. I expect him to get a better job soon.


I watched two plays that mcglothern got burned on. The first one he got caught looking in the backfield which can easily be corrected the second one was a strange because he look like he was guessing the receiver was going to run up the field and he played him on his outside shoulder and the guy just simply cut inside of him and was by himself in the end zone luckily he was overthrown those are correctable mistakes.