Never a doubt!

We mauled those guys. It was not a bad look for us at the end. You want to trap then we will play it out.

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Gas yet again we won the Dunk stat 4 to 2… WPS

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It wins Championships

I was distracted right at that last moment in the game. I heard the guy say it was a very bad look for Arkansas. What happened?

Toney dunked at the end… at least he didn’t teabag anyone like DEVO did, but generally when leading like that you let the time run out. Toney went for the dunk. I can understand why they said it and I’m sure if it had been the other way around we’d be saying it was a poor move.

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Dunked when LSU stopped playing then stole in bounds. I don’t mind. It’s LSU.


I agree, it’s LSU, wished we had a few more seconds to get more.
We were standing out top right before that just running the clock out with like 17 seconds left or so and they started trapping and stuff. So we figured that they wanted to play it out.


Exactly. You don’t just hand the other team the ball. If they stand around, you stand around. If they give effort, you give effort.

It was Wade and LSU. They got what they deserved, a Toney dunk in their faces. Wade should’ve call off his press. The game was over with 19 secs left.

LSU would have done the same thing to us

It’s LSU, so doesn’t bother me at all.

LSU fouled JD in the backcourt down 10, with just 17 seconds left. We would have dribbled the game out if they hadn’t fouled him. The game would have ended 77-67. After that, everything was fair game.

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Thanks much.

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