Never a doubt!

Devo saves the day. WOO PIG!!


JD balled out too, don’t forget. But Devo picked us up. Why the hockey sticks did he slap the backboard though?

I was screaming at the TV with that stunt. Kid played hard and well, but you can’t be stupid. Oh well, it worked out and he can learn from it.

Muss will remind Devo to cool that s&$! I’m sure.

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Another double, double for J Will too!


And how many more charge calls? Was it 4?

J Will has incredibly quick feet in addition to the anticipation- I think many opposing players underestimate his ability to get to his spot in time to take the charge even if they know his proclivity for taking charges. That charge called on Castleton in the second half comes to mind. I don’t know what’s more impressive- 4 charges or having 5-6 rim contests in the last several minutes of a tight road game without fouling. J Will and this team are on beast mode right now. Woo Pig!

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Where’s that 'empty bottle of medicine" that pulls for Fla. and Tenn. and every team that ARKANSAS plays now?
In fact, he really shouldn’t be allowed in this room anyway since he’s not an Ark. fan

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Nice team win. Had this one as tough trap loss.

So happy to be wrong.

Can’t believe same team that started 0-3.

Great job by players and coaches.

Let’s beat Kentucky!


Amazing thing JWill did was the body control on his shot late with 4 fouls. They tried to get a charge on him in the lane but he had the presence of mind to go straight up when he spun to shoot and looked like he would lean into the defender. Basically left him with an uncontested shot over Castleton, as he was expecting the charge.

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