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Ever! Woo Pig!


Evidently Georgia saw their shadow when they came out for the 2nd half and musta went back into the locker room for 20 more minutes because they were absent in the 2nd half!!!


Georgia played in the second half like they normally do! The hogs made shots unlike Bama a few days earlier when Georgia hung around and beat the Tide.
I’m just glad our hogs came out and made shots and played solid defense to build a lead and put the game out of reach.

Hopefully they gained confidence in their 3pt shooting ability.

The hogs should have gained confidence in more than just 3 point shooting! The ability to share the ball and keep it moving. Rebounding was also nice to see. Solid help defense and talking on the court. They’ve also looked good on the absent of early foul trouble 2 games in a row with either Notae or Williams sitting early in the game! That’s the most important fact on my eyes in both wins. That’s building depth when those 2 can sit and the team keeps it going.
Now we have seen the hogs shoot lights out. Let’s see if they can repeat it and play solid defense an entire game against Miss St. At the moment that’s the next order of business.
The wink in f streak is 6 SEC games in row and 7 games in a row over all.
Maybe Swine will give his take on what the hogs need to do in these next 9 games to move the needle before the conference tournament!

Agree Army we’re not losing so much momentum now when either JWill or JD or both are sitting.
Roles are being defined and others stepping up.

Excellent ball movement, and sharing the rock. The "Team is now playing like a team. Somebody has dropped their feelings and trusted the process. As stated Muss has not done anything different. So the group has played very good BB. Looking forward to Saturday, big game.
And as I stated we will win against GA, 7 and counting.

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I agree. It has been a head scratcher. But if they do start dropping 3’s up to their ability, well it changes everything. The D has improved, their are some false positives in their D still, but overall the effort in their D has been the biggest thing.

You start dropping 9 -10-12-15 3’s a game, that changes everything. Changes, pace, overall production, defense, threat level, everything.
We starting doing that consistently, then we become who we where supposed to be. It’s been the missing link.


Agree about the 3s. If they can hit those, it gives them a good chance about just about anybody. Still, I hate to depend on that. Sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t.

Last year they played a late game at SC and could not miss. They may have scored 99 then as well, but I don’t recall for sure. After that game, the 3 % feel way off. they still won by doing all the other things very well, but that 3 ball was never there again to the level of the SC game or the game last night.

All of that said, hope they can continue hitting them. If so, my projections for the team will go way up.

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