Never a doubt!

They overcame themselves! Well done! WPS!

It’s amazing how much they passed the ball in the last 5 minutes vs the first 35. They finally cared more about winning than being the guy.

Yeah. Almost to a fault, that one possession nobody would shoot.

Right. They didn’t mind jacking them up 10 minutes earlier but now they all have stage fright. Really they all just realized there was a better way to score.

They will continue to jack it up, should anyway. Early season different environment. They will shoot better. They definitely have some guys that will go get it when they don’t shoot well. I think shooting will be a strong suit.

Cincinnati has talent, they overcame them too!

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No question about it

Cincinnati has SEC speed and size…we will face better shooting teams in the league but not better defense or bigger teams than we saw tonight other than maybe Kentucky

It reminds me again of the Nolan team that beat Kansas, Tim Scott was like 1 of 7 1-9 something like that from deep at half. The second half he kept shooting and got hot had like 29 points or something and the rest is history.
I remember Tim being asked about the shooting difference in half’s he said Coach told him he was a shooter, to keep shooting, you will make some and we are going to need the ones you make.

That’s JD in this game and these 2 games really, but this game those he did hit we needed desperately at the time.

Nolan was ahead of his time, at that time we weren’t very far removed from when a guy took a 15 footer and missed he was sit down immediately, and may have missed minutes the next game or 3 especially if it came before 13 passes or something. Nolan was playing today’s game.

Nolan ahead of his times in many ways. He is an Arkansas Icon.

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