Never a doubt!

Even though we checked out in the second half. Which was a bit disappointing to see that as a capability.
Ran to many plays in the second half. Walking up, or if we got a break we backed it out every time.
We were standing around setting up plays ugh, just awful. Sucked the life and tempo of the first half right out of us. Which was a high energy’s high tempo half.

Then we watched them run layup drills the second with whoever they wanted whenever they wanted. No answers for it. No energy, see above.

Devo and JD just not into it at all.

Despite all that I thought the D and the O in the first half was fabulous as was the tempo. Great first half, glad of it too, if it had been like the second half we would have gotten smoked. But it wasnt, hopefully we are into playing tomorrow the whole game. WPS!

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