Never a doubt!

Even with unnecessary ultra conservative talent crushing fluff in the first half we prevailed comfortably.

WPS! Goi Hogs beat Texas!

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I had plenty of doubt. This Rice took too long to cook. Gotta get better in a hurry.

I never got too worried, but I admit their TD to go up 10 in the second half got me a little antsy. However, even in the first half it was obvious we had the better team. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot.

I think we can fix many of the bad things we did. KJ will get better. He’s got great running ability. Too many stupid penalties

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I hope. I want to chalk it up to the game still being fast for him and it hasn’t slowed down yet as he doesn’t have much game experience. But he has some fundamentals to improve (footwork). I really hope he does. I love his running ability. It’s going to be fun to watch. I think he’s a good teammate as well and that is important.

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