Never a doubt!

Loved the second half effort and defense. WPS!


THAT type of hustle and doggedness is what it’s gonna take to win most games in the SEC. Therefore amping up their practices too. Like Pat Bradley stated after the game tonight,when he played within the “40 minutes of hell” era, they practiced like that every day and every game was like that And if they don’t they’re subject to get beat by a vandy or lowly kentucky or ole miss. But in the mean time I’m MIGHTY PROUD of my hawgs second half effort tonight! WPS!!!

The change in the team demeanor started with about 5 minutes left in first half and gradually intensified till halftime.
Started the 2nd half full throttle, don’t think Auburn even scored for 5-6 mins.
I thought Pearl made some gaffs late as well. He was rattled as much as his team was.

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