Never a doubt!


Yep! Played better defense tonight.
Good win. Needed it!

They played really good defense in the second half. First half was up and down. When you give up points on the free line you keep a poor offensive team in the game. Sometimes I wonder what they are doing on offense. A lot of possession ended up with poor shots.
I thought Cook killed a run with a shot he missed and then 2 turnovers the next 2 possessions. Those tend to happen to him lately.
Gafford was fouled down low and no call next possession the refs let a walk go on him and he scored and went to the line.
I’d like to see Gafford shot a little outside and also receive the low pass and kick it back out!

I actually thought he had played a bit better.

Nice job by the Hogs to get a badly needed win. Let’s hope this is a start of a streak.

Yep, Lets get Vandy Saturday. W.P.S.