Never a doubt!


Whew!!! W P S

There was doubt. They let them hang around too long. Good to see them make the free throws.

The line was 12 and we won by 12. Good thing was the way we won…Defense and shooting freethrows…Chaney is starting to become a force…You don’t learn a lot from an easy 30 point win…They had to fight for this game and will learn from it.

Chaney is a stud. He will only get better.
Sills is another spark plug that will only get better.
When Phillips and Emery both get going the hogs will be tough to beat.
The wildcard in my opinion is Henderson. How much playing time can he earn? We will need him as the year goes along. I will root for him to pick it up and earn it!

Two things affected the game besides the fact they were coming off the finals.

One, UTSA had one of the quickest set of hands I gave seen on the court. We pride ourselves in counting deflections per game. In this game, UTSA had perhaps twice as many deflections.

Second, the refs allowed UTSA to climb the ladder over our rebounders all night.