Nevada players...

at this rate, it appears their entire remaining team is transferring. Another one: Nisre Zouzoua … ams-roster

Good luck, Steve Alford.

That could be a major rehaul.

They had six seniors finishing eligibility. So, yes with these transfers, Steve’s roster is going to look like Mike Anderson’s in his last year.

Do you know what is happening with the class he signed for 2019?

BTW, Jordan Brown is the one we want to transfer to Arkansas.

Last I saw there was one high school player and a juco SF in his 2019 class

I think I’m all caught up now lol … er-portal/

They have 3 players left and the JUCO requested a release from his commitment. So, Alford has 3 + the HS player, and one of the three may transfer. Saw his name in the rumor mill as possibly entering the portal. So, Alford May end up with two and the HS Kid. Wonder how good Alford is at getting Grad transfers and JUCO’s?

That seems true

Jazz Johnson announced last night he’s staying at Nevada, ICYMI. Each Nevada player who entered the transfer portal was present at Steve Alford’s press conference, according to Nevada Sports Net.

Jazz and Jordan Brown are the ones we should want. Now since Jazz is staying, it is all about Jordan. I don’t think we want any of the others. In fact Zouzoua has Gabe like stats from the 3, maybe even worse.

Other than Jazz, the best players from that Nevada team finished their eligibility.