Nevada guard enters portal

Jazz Johnson averaged 11 points. 1.5 assists and 1.8 rebounds this past season.

Would be a great add. Needed shooter and could help instill the Nevada culture over here.

He said he’s open to anyone that has interest in him.

He’s the one I read about that is a sharp shooter too! Need another one of those dudes for sure…along with another big and power forward who can shoot!

Now Nevada teammate Jalen Harris is transferring as well. This one might be the bigger deal.

RD he sat this year at Nevada. Could he be immediately eligible at another school this year or would he have to be a grad transfer (which he might be, was orginally class of 2016)?

My guess is he’d have to sit out another year. Unless he got his degree in 3.

He played. He sat the year before

Past season stats: … &year=2018

That would create a glut at the PG position BUT an upgrade. 43% from 3pt land would mean opponents would have to guard everyone in the backcourt.

Looks like Navy is taking about Harris, and you’re talking about Johnson, RD.

Navy, I think Harris would be eligible immediately because he didn’t play this past season.

I don’t know about Harris, but Jazz Johnson will be immediately eligible as a grad transfer.

Played 1st 2 years at Portland, trf/sat out a year at Nevada and played for Muss the past year. … son-1.html

Was Harris enrolled in classes at Nevada, while sitting out the year? If Harris was enrolled in classes and on a basketball scholarship, he would have to sit a year if he transfer. He is still a member of their team, regardless if he play or not.

Would he be a possible rule exception since the coach he signed with left Nevada? If not, I can’t believe he’d transfer except to a lower classification college. He’d have burned 2 years of eligibility sitting out if he transferred here. He would have just his red-shirt Senior year left.

I don’t know the circumstances of Harris sitting out the year, but you would think the NCAA would probably grant a waiver for immediate eligibility in his case.

If he’s not a grad transfer then Nevada can restrict his choices. Would assume they may restrict him from coming to Arkansas if he wanted. Johnson on the other hand can go where he wants.

Here’s some info on Jazz Johnson

Jalen Harris:

Jazz Johnson:

If Lindsey Drew also enters the portal I bet EM would be all over that. Should be a grad transfer. If Jalen Harris is a grad or could get a wavier that would be amazing. He is a stud.

Brown and Hymes are both 6’11. Everyone says we need a big. There is two, with a relationship to the HC

But, do you want to tie up the remaining scholarships with players who won’t be able to play until the 2020-2021 season? I suppose if he really believes this is an NCAA tourney team as currently comprised, it’s ok.

That is a big deal when balancing it with getting those 2020 guys