NET update: 23 to 21

So we did improve some last night. We passed Ohio State and Bama, both of whom lost their midweek games.

Our Q1 record is now 6-4 with Tennessee remaining; 11-4 in Q1-Q2.

LSU stayed 16th despite losing to us. Kentucky is #5, Auburn #9, Tennessee #10.

Illinois is 14th. Would have been nice to play/beat them in KC. OU is clinging on to Q1 at 46th. West Virginia has slipped to Q3.

I will say that for LSU to be where they are with an 8-9 conference record is pretty much a joke. Don’t try to explain that to me. We all know they have a flawed system.


The lack of transparency in NET is kinda ridiculous. RPI was rightly derided as a glorified SOS measurement, but NET appears to be just as bad if not worse. Although we don’t really know for sure., which is a very useful new site, tracks week by week NET for everybody. The 21 today is the highest we’ve been all season. We never got above 39 even when we were unbeaten in December.

Houston is 1 - 3 in Quad 1 games and has the 3rd highest NET ranking…. We are 6 - 4.

And it’s BARELY Q1. Okie Lite is up to 50th after winning in Ames last night, and Cougar High beat them in a neutral site game in Fort Worth. If Okie Lite loses its next game (home with TTech), UH goes back to oh-fer Q1.

I’m sure Wisconsin is going “we’ve only lost five games to their six, and we’re the Big Ten champ, and we beat Houston in Vegas, and we’re 9-3 in Q1, and we’re only one spot ahead of Arkansas? And four spots behind LSU?”

Surely this madness will get fixed right???

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Dunno. If the committee likes the input they get from NET, it won’t be changed. They’ve already tweaked it once, to remove margin of victory (which may or may not have been a positive change).

The points you guys keep making sure point to a badly flawed system. Hopefully it becomes more and more apparent to the powers that be and it gets tweaked more. Based on what I’ve read from all you guys it seems like our ceiling is a 4 seed when we should rightfully be able to play into a 3 or a 2 seed.

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I think our ceiling is a 3, but it will probably take winning at TN and winning 2 in the SECT. I have no sophisticated rationale for that, but I do think we’re playing well enough against a hard enough schedule that we’ll get credit for being one of the 12 best teams in the country with 3 more wins. I think our 4 seed is pretty well clinched unless we lose both our next two games. Might be safe even if we do that, but I wouldn’t want to find out. Regardless, it looks like our floor-ceiling range is 5-3.


Lunardi had an interesting take last night at halftime of our game. His view is that there is a clear gap between the top 15 teams and the rest of the NCAAT field, and the rest begins with us at #16. So in his view it will be difficult for us to get to a 3. Will the committee agree? We find out in 10 days.

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[quote=“SwineFusion, post:10, topic:49789”]
Lunardi had an interesting take last night at halftime of our game. His view is that there is a clear gap between the top 15 teams and the rest of the NCAAT field, and the rest begins with us at #16.

That’s funny if he really means that… I assume the top fifteen includes Auburn, KY, Tenn, but let’s see… not Arkansas. I know all three were at home but I’d think that the “clear gap” is at least a little less clear.


That’s what he said. Of course he’s speaking in terms of tournament seeding, not in terms of who would win a game. Obviously we’ve beaten all three and will get at least one and possibly three more games against them between now and the 13th.

Yes, specifically lunardi said the top 15 have “separated” themselves from the 2d 15 led by Ark. I thought then and still do…how in the world have most of those teams separated from the Hogs! Of course he has his head solidly planted inside the metrics of NET and seeing nothing else. Within net, separation has occurred leaving arkansas chasing from behind. In the world of reality it would be the inverse.

Yeah I learned a long time ago that if something doesn’t make any sense whatsoever I’m not going to spend the few brain cells I have left trying to figure it out that is for sure.

I disagree with Lunardi. The hogs have beaten 4 teams ahead of us inside that top 15! So makes me think the committee could look at that. Between the Net and RPI both had their flaws it will
Come down to which teams the committee likes. Those 2 Q-3 losses hurt!

I’m wondering how JL determined that. It’s not like RPI where there’s a numerical value we can track, unless he has a mole in Indianapolis feeding him that info. It’s one thing if (hypothetically) Illinois, his current #15 team, had a score of 95.4 In NET or some other metric and our score was 88.5. But it could also be Illinois is 95.4 and we’re 95.3.

Speaking of metrics that I like, the Elo ranking at Warren Nolan has us #4 in the country. Not a 4 seed. And not that far behind #3 Arizona.

The Elo system, developed by a physicist/chess player of that name to evaluate chess masters, is strictly results based. If you beat a player or team, you take some of their rating points. Beat enough of them, and don’t lose much, you get a really high rating.

Bayluh is #1, Dook #2, AZ #3, us, Wisky is #5. UK, Auburn and Tennessee are 8-9-10. To give you an idea, we’re 16 points behind Baylor in Elo and 16+ points ahead of the Jellycats.

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I hope the Big 10 and the Zags get put out early in the dance.

A road win against an SEC top three of Kentucky, Auburn or Tennessee is a game changer. Losing at Alabama hurt.

This is not my thinking. It’s clearly the thinking of others.

You play the league schedule you are dealt. Winning at Tennessee could be a really big deal and losing prob would not cause a problem.

LSU could very well finish the conference season 8-10. IMO, if that happens, they don’t deserve an ncaa tournament bid. LSU deserved to lose last nite becuz they make the same stupid mistakes over and over and commit the most ridiculous fouls. Same with Xavier in the Big East. If you can’t at the very least break even with your regular season conference schedule, you don’t deserve a bid, regardless of what you do in your conference tournament.

They should be on probation and not allowed to play the post season. Wade should have been fired Long ago.
The flawed Net has them up there.
They are as good as the hogs. I don’t care if they make the dance or not but the Big 10’is fill of teams that will end up with conference records below 500 and may make the dance.
There’s also some mid majors that are ranked higher in the net and appear to be headed to the dance.
I don’t like the Net at all but there’s has to be something better.
There’s no way you can have 5 wins in the Top 15 of a ranking system and those teams are ahead of you! Period.

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