Net after a&m?

When we lose we really lose bad… and we haven’t proven anything away from home. Beating LSU doesn’t mean squat. We had an impressive win streak to get out of the sec basement and we deserve to be in the big dance. But the net seems to have our weaknesses pegged right on. Not sure we deserve to be a top 25 team. Definitely not top 16. When will we see the new number come out?

May not see it until the brackets come out tomorrow afternoon. I don’t think we’ll drop much. Maybe 22. Maybe not at all. After 33 games, one game doesn’t make that much difference.

Thought margin of victory was a factor. But ya we aren’t the only top 25 team to not win their conference tournament. The net hasn’t liked us all year, I don’t expect it to be kind after this one

I am pulling you off the ledge/edge of the cliff. Come on back, let’s sit down and have a drink, relax. Hogs are still a top 25 team.


Thanks. I got a week to recover. But will probably start feeling better when that bracket is released tomorrow. But have to watch Kentucky play twice in the meantime :expressionless:

Call me fair-weathered, but I’m not watching any more of the SEC tourney. :joy:

Done with basketball until the big dance.


Big Tennessee fan now!


Tennessee tried to give it away, but the final will be all T – Tennessee and Texas.

KY Jelly guy flopped near the end and the refs bought it. But TN overcame.

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I’ll be flabbergasted if Tenn doesn’t run roughshod over A&M tomorrow.

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