Nervous about tonight...

Everyone is going to have to dig in and claw after every rebound. Tyler Davis is the 2nd best big man (behind Maten at UGA) and is really a load in the post. The Williams kid will be a lottery pick in a couple years, or at a minimum a 1st round pick, and is a beast on the boards. They also have 2 other serviceable big men, but in our favor they are not particularly strong on the backcourt.

I’m back on board after staring off the ledge post MSU.

Yes, I’m also nervous. We never know how the team is going to play. Hopefully without a strong backcourt, our weaknesses won’t be exposed with the exception of rebounding.

Already awful switches leaving their only shooter open

Seen this story in College Station before. :expressionless:

I’m not. We will get destroyed. there is no doubt in my mind. We can take the most talent and do the least with it of any team I know.

I thought that was LSU?

Can’t shoot on the road, poor rotations, getting killed on the boards.
What’s new…

Fair. I should prolly crawl off the ledge…

Cook playing really well at the PF position tonight.

The way they started the game they could not beat anybody

Dustin Thomas on the flip side is REALLY STRUGGLING. Didn’t think it was possible to play as poorly as Keaton Miles, but I think he is there.

Thomas is costing us. Air balls a wide open shot, doesn’t step up to catch a pass and lets his man poke it away for a fast break, then completely panics and just drives in the lane and we get called for a 3 second call.

No foul. That dude just fell down.

Watch again, Cook pushed him towards Beard. You can barely see it from the angle they’re showing

No call.

That, however was a bad call on both ends.

Guess hand is part of the ball because Macon’s hand was slapped on the dunk.

Didn’t play great and only down 2. I will take it.

Dunno whether we can win. We’re playing to inconsistent.

So is aTm, all we have to do is play good ball for 10 minutes and we will completely overwhelm the young Aggies.

I hope your right.

I’m with you, the Aggies are really struggling as well. We’ve hurt ourselves everytime we got momentum. Next time we go on a run we just need to settle down and take care of the ball, if we do that the aggies will let us push away enough to win the game. They’ve done a lot to allow us to stay in it.