Nembhard last night

Played 40 minutes.

2-11 from the field * 1-3 from three * 5 turnovers * 3 assist and scored a total of 7 points.

I wasn’t sure if Toney could stay in front of him, man was that stupid thinking.

We’ve had some great defenders through the years. My favorite of all time was Clint McDaniel but Clint was allowed to hand check. I can say now that Toney is my all time favorite defender for the Razorbacks.

This young man just goes out there and gets it done every night. Where would we be without him? Was he this good of a defender at Pitt?

If he comes back…man oh man


They asked Nembhard about that last night and he said Toney was quick, long and shut him down. I thought, “Welcome to the club”. You are not the first that has happened to.


I think he will get Ranchero Sat night and hopefully contain him like he has everyone else.


I think he can lock him down on the outside. Every now and then he will post and that’s what worries me. I think you stay home and don’t let them shoot open three’s.

We match up pretty good with them. I honestly think it will come down to who is in better shape. Both teams had tough games Thursday night and its a quick turn around.

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When we came out tooooo fast and became winded (as did the Zags), we learned a lesson regarding tempo. Play within yourself; fast, but not sprints. Not sure if Duke has learned that, but I give the tempo edge to the Hogs.

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Last night right before half both teams were totally gassed. We brought the ball down and all 10 players just stopped. It was the first time I have seen Muss call a TO for a rest. Amazing they can play that hard.


Colorado when he called that timeout I knew we were wore out at that moment. He never calls timeout with the lead.


JD and Au’Diese were terrific defensively. I rewatched the game to track shots defended.

Gonzaga was 2/8 from the floor and 0/1 from three when Au’Diese was the nearest Arkansas defender, and the Bulldogs were 1/9 overall and 1/5 from three vs. JD. Those two were great.

One more thing, and I mentioned this on a podcast that should be out today, JD was very good contesting shots from behind after trailing his matchup over the top of dribble handoffs and ball screens. He made a few shooters feel him even when they couldn’t or didn’t see him.


When Toney and Umude committed early in the process, it was reported they both had a forty inch vertical. I thought BS at the time, but I was so wrong.


JD is 3rd on the team this year in blocked shots. JWill way out front (obviously), Stanley next then JD. His defense is underrated IMO.


I wonder if Toney has played himself into the NBA the last 2 weeks?

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At that point in the game, I felt the Hawgs were in control if they could weather the first 5 minutes of the second half which they did. Zags fight was clearly taking a hit during that stretch.

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