Nelson Mbanasor

Is he announcing today? What are the odds that he “calls the Hogs”?


I understand that there was a meeting in the last few days that defined where Arkansas was in terms of the last six scholarships - and for the matter the 19 commitments.

I’m not sure if he is a still an option or not after that meeting, but I guess we could find out soon.

TT as of a few minutes ago

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I had to make a trip to Lubbock last Thursday for a doctors appointment. Before leaving I stopped by a Rudys Bar-B-Q restaurant for some sauce. As I was checking out I noticed a radio station has set up inside and they were doing the Kliff Kingsbury weekly radio show. There were no more than a dozen people in the building and I had parked front and center. It sure didn’t hold a candle to The Catfish Hole.

That was during the show or while they were setting up?