Neighbors will see

ESPN profile-

Post is a position of need.

What are our chances?

Will have a story soon. I would say good but hard to know for sure.

#22 prospect in the country. Not bad. Surprised she’s not a 5-star but maybe after the summer she will be. Especially if UConn, Baylor, etc., are recruiting her. :roll_eyes:

RD, obvious need for the Ladybacks and hope he can sign her.

Question for you about Chelsea Dungee.
Did she intentionally add bulk to her frame for this season because it’s obvious that she did.
If so, was it done so she could bang down low and help with rebounding?
I’ve noticed that the added bulk has definitely affected her quickness with the ball in her hands and creating her own shot.
Not saying she’s not playing good, but she doesn’t appear to be the player we saw last season.

Banging down low? I don’t think so. It’s getting fouled in record amounts. She was knocked to the the floor about 200 times last year on her drives to the rim. I posted the numbers as far as fouls and in the SEC last year, they didn’t call nearly the number that they did in the NIT and nonconference. Same thing is happening this year. SEC refs will let the post players block your shots and not send you to the line.

You will not see weights listed on women’s teams … ever. I’m not the one who is going to ask her about her weight. A man isn’t going to ask that question of a female athlete. And, I probably won’t ask it of Neighbors either cause he’s not going to talk about weight of one a female player.

I once made the mistake of asking weights of soccer players while building a booklet of profiles for the Arkansas Comets when my daughter played.

I had a page for each player, complete with ACT/SAT scores, major hopes, lots of stuff that college coaches were asking me about – the director for the club team – and asking the coach.

I sat on the side at practice to do the profile pages. The players would come to sit with me for 5-6 minutes and I asked the questions. One of them was height and weight. I realized pretty quickly that they were going to give me height, although most fudges by about two inches. They wouldn’t give me a weight. One of them – who had a 32 ACT – looked at me kinda funny and said, “I’ll give you my height, plus what I am in heels, and what I’d like my weight to be. Mr. Henry, you really shouldn’t ask a girl her weight. You ought to know that by now.” That was 20 years ago. I haven’t asked about a girls weight since.

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I’m anonymous so I’ll say it. Her weight is up from last year, and her play isn’t as good.

She’s still one of the best in the country, and I’m glad she’s a Razorback.

I’ll tell her you said it. :grinning:

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Dungee in 2018-19: .404 FG, 16 FG attempts/game .351 3P%, .833 FT%, 4.3 RPG
Dungee in 2019-20: .387, 15, .314, .799, 4.9.

She hasn’t had to take as much load because Tolefree and Ramirez are doing a big chunk of the scoring, but there isn’t a huge falloff from last year.

By the way, if you want to know why we’re so much better this year, shooting percentage is up from sub-40 to 45. That’s a big jump. Three makes per game, or 7+ points given the number of threes we take, apart from any other improvement (such as turnovers which are down from 13+ to 11). Make more shots, get more shots out of your possessions? Good recipe.

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