Neighbors signs one of nation's better classes

A little off topic, but I saw where Salary signed with Tennessee last night, they were quite the backcourt as 9th graders/sophomores at JHS, until Salary got hurt, and Eaton moved across town to Nettleton.

Any idea why we looked outside the state for 2 of our 3 this year? I don’t regularly pay attention to women’s bball recruiting but I know there was a great crop of instate talent and we only got 1 of the 4 top 100 girls that came out of Arkansas.

Goforth wanted to get away and liked OSU’s sucess.

Beck wanted to venture out and not follow her dad’s footsteps.

Who did I miss?

I had heard months ago from folks in Fayetteville that Sasha was headed west.

Salary in Jonesboro, I just read that she was only offered by TN on Tuesday

Way off topic, but hearing that Eaton will be a Hog brought back fond memories of the movie Spinal Tap.

Dudley is the movie guy here. I’m clueless.

I thought it sort of came out of left field, myself. I had heard Minnesota and a few others for her, but hadn’t really paid attention in awhile.