Neighbors lands highly regarded in-state prospect … -prospect/

Neighbors is slowly building a team with which the fans can be proud. Look forward to seeing the product not only this coming year but the years to come.

He sure has changed the product of the court! With the added talent it will improve.
There were a lot of positives from last year
I was surprised how hard the ladybacks played. I’m looking forward to seeing them play this upcoming year.

Good news. Hopefully, fans will support them. GHG!

If they get things going and they’re a top 10 team, I could see 10,000 for a lot of games.

Wow, after seeing what Coach Neighbors was able to do in his first year here with a depleted roster. The next few years should be really fun to watch. He is top notch in recruiting.

I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Can’t wait to see this team get better and better!Go Ladybacks!