Neighbors lands commitment of Syracuse transfer


91% from the line is sweet!!

gotta be a Chris Carr connection with Musselman, but she is just a big guard with no extraordinary abilities at either Syracuse or KState. Hopefully she is a piece to the puzzle that Mike sees because our needed big is now well and the others are also well enough. Welcome aboard Chritianna.

If she plays good defense she will probably have to ride the bench here…

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Good get by a coach.

i like it…read the article where she says that she always tries her best to show the younger players and her teammates…lead by example

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Sorry Wiz, I personally am not too high on Neighbors way of coaching

And you are welcome to your opinion, and to voice it. I know there are some others that feel the way you seem to.

But I’m not sure that a thread announcing a new recruit is the best place to voice that.

I hear you, I suppose that starting or dedicating a thread to it may be a little too harsh on CMN, even though I feel that it’s warranted

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