Neighbors hosting major transfer

Saylor is currently on an official visit now.

Yea thought she’d be on the radar.

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I live in Connecticut. Poffenbarger is a very good prospect. She had an injury and simply got behind generational players like Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd - not to mention AA-type players like Arkie Christyn Williams (plus others not yet in the public eye). Competition for playing time at UCONN is ferocious (like Razorback baseball). Hope the Hogs get Poffenbarger. I think people will confuse the names Wolfenbarger and Poffenbarger.

Like Arkansas’ chances here.

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Wolf and Poff would be big hits on the hardwood. You know she has great talent to even be where she is and have great choices.

When can she play?

Next season.

Saylor was on hand.

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Told everything went very, very well and Saylor is back home.

Where is home for her RD? Would this move put her closer to home?

Home is in Maryland. UConn is a lot closer than UA.

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Thanks Swine, hope she likes Neighbors’ style. Seems like it’s a fun system to play in.

IN assume Maryland. Expect to hear something from her very soon.

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